Steady now: Unfortunate timing and rate of change may be enough to tip a climate system

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Unpredictable, abrupt changes to the Earth’s system of ocean currents could commence from rate-induced tipping, model study shows. ”The findings point to fundamental limitations in climate predictability,” authors warn. Imagine abrupt shifts of the tropical monsoons, reductions in Northern Hemisphere … Continued

Highlighted by the AGU

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The paper Multivariate estimations of equilibrium climate sensitivity from short transient warming simulations in Geophysical Research Letters, by Robbin Bastiaansen, Hank Dijkstra, and Anna von der Heydt has been highlighted by the AGU editors. In the article, Bastiaansen et al. … Continued

Improving long-term climate calculations

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A new method reduces uncertainties in computer model estimations of climate change over thousands of years. Climate researchers have found a simple but efficient way to improve estimations of ultimate global warming from complex climate models. The finding is relevant … Continued

TiPES EU project of the month

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In the November 2020 issue (#97) of Research*eu TiPES was featured as project of the month. Especially the recent publication by Catrin Ciemer et al 2020 Environ. Res. Lett. 15 094087 on “An early-warning indicator for Amazon droughts exclusively based on tropical Atlantic sea surface … Continued