Project Management

  1. Establish and maintain top-level project management to oversee that the objectives, milestones and deliverables
    achieved, on time and within the resources budgeted.
  2. Establish and maintain a constructive working relationship between TiPES and the European Commission (EC),
    which includes regular reporting on project progress.
  3. Facilitate effective and creative collaboration and coordination between partners, including shar-ing information
    associated with all project management aspects.
  4. Draft and update the data management.
  5. Establish a best practice in uniting the criterion of excellence and the strategies adopted by the EU in ensuring gender

Scientific coordination

  • Ensure and maintain scientific excellence and coordination of TiPES activities.
  • Lead an open and including scientific culture and creative and friendly working environment between partner and external collaborators.
  • Oversee the involvement of students and next generation of young scientists.
  • Ensure that the appropriate level of consultation with the Advisory Board is established and maintained, and that their advice is integrated into the project.
  • Establish and coordinate the communications strategy.