The methodology for WP6 involves a ground-breaking collaboration between climate science at UCL (Michel Crucifix) and theoretical computer science at PIK (Nicola Botta), with further support from a statistician (Daniel Williamson,
UEXE). The experience of UCL is essential for formulating the problem in a way which is consistent with the epistemology of climate science, while PIK has the expertise in the theory of problem specification and will guide the UCL towards implementations that are actually technically sound and tractable. The concrete objectives of WP6 are

  1. Implement a domain-specific language (DSL) for TP research
  2. Derive accountable policies for decision making under uncertainty and imperfect information
  3. Understand the impact of TP uncertainty and of political uncertainty on these policies
  4. Develop and apply influence and responsibility measures for accountable decision making
  5. Translate accountable decision rules into consistent narratives that can be communicated to advisors and decision makers and published in generalist and/or political science journals