TiPES webinar Louise Sime on warm interglacials.

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Title: Warm Interglacials: TiPES progress and planning for the next phase of PMIP

Presenter: Louise Sime

Date: 27 09 2023

Louise Sime is an IDP Science Leader at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). Her research is primarily concerned with developing a better understanding changes in the ice sheets, sea ice, and climate in polar regions over the last 800 000 years. Especially focusing on water isotope enabled simulations, from climate models, help us understand how changes in ice sheets, sea ice, and climate imprint themselves on measurements from polar ice cores.

ABOUT THE TIPES PROJECT: TiPES (Tipping Points in the Erath System) is a European Union’s Horizon 2020 project – grant agreement No. 820970- that will run from September 2019 and 4 years on. The main object is to better quantify the tipping elements that are present in the climate system and to ensure that climate projections also include these.