PaleoJump – a TiPES database for research on rapid climate transitions

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Illustration from PaleoJump database.

PaleoJump is a new TiPES database for research on rapid transitions in paleoclimates by Witold Bagniewski, Denis-Didier Rousseau, Michael Ghil, and Jens Fohlmeister.

“Paleoclimate records vary in their origin, nature, quality, and resolution. So, it is a daunting task to identify the paleo-records that best match TiPES interests. To address this problem, we are building the PaleoJump database of carefully selected, high-quality records,” explains Witold Bagniewski, postdoc at Ecole normale superieure, (Paris).

The database contains records from ice, marine sediments, speleothems, loess, and lake sediments. All data records are characterized by relatively high resolution and cover long time intervals; the records come from all continents and ocean basins.

Essential information

For every record, the group lists essential information and provide a plot of the data to make it easy for scientists investigating tipping points and critical transitions in past climates to find the records that are most relevant for their work.

The current version is still work in progress. In future versions, the most accurate age models will be included alongside the respective records and, wherever possible, marker-based synchronizations between the different records will be provided.

This open-access online data repository will meet the objectives of TiPES Deliverable D1 by containing proxy records that help study the temporal behavior of tipping elements in past climates.

Link to database:

Please address all questions on PaleoJump to Witold Bagniewski