Online Workshop on Climate and Policy, March 11th

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The workshop is titled “Challenges and new directions in risk analysis, decision making and policy advice for climate change,” and will take place on March 11th, 2022.

From 10am to 1pm, there will be four talks, followed by a panel discussion.

The speakers are:

  • Simon Sharpe (University College London, IIPP)
  • Steve Keen (University College London, ISRS)
  • Ted Shepherd (University of Reading)
  • Thomas Stocker (University of Bern, OCCR)

The focus of the workshop lies on the following topics:

  • Strength and pitfalls of cost-benefit analyses, and integrated assessment models for climate risk management and policy advice.
  • Storyline approaches as an alternative to probabilistic assessments to deal with different kinds of uncertainty.
  • Policy needs and responsibilities in climate risk management, and challenges in communication with policy makers.

For further details, please see the website for the workshop. For access, there will be a Zoom link circulated.